A Woman's Guide to Real/Simultaneous Orgasm

We all like to perform and make the most of our lover. Yet at any age or for a number of reasons, half of the male population can experience sexual performance problems and cannot get a firm erection.

Ladies, you can help in a non-judgmental manner.  Adjust your thinking and see him as a child who needs to learn how to walk again and requires baby steps.  He did not lose those firm and fulfilling erections overnight.  So this longer term (non-prescription) solution will take time and compassion.  It is a regime which will work and re-ignite the passion in you both by creating those intimate moments of increased touching and caring.  He will no longer see your interactions as a need to perform, but rather just caring and sharing moments between you both.  He will also learn to help you achieve orgasmic satisfaction in ways you may have never felt with him through intercourse.  ed oil opens the door in a completely safe and natural manner and begin the steps to a permanent long term ed solution.

The first and most important lesson is to be aware that the penis is a muscle.  It requires regular use and exercise to keep the blood flowing and to remain strong, especially as your man ages.  Use the application of edoil as a way of gently massaging him and taking the pressure away from performance will move him to a more relaxed state.  Encourage him to explore you intimately.  Because he cannot perform at 100%, it will be less about the intercourse and more about you achieving your orgasmic release.  This will bring him joy and pleasure!

After several weeks of daily application and exercise for him, encourage him to try to enter your vagina in this flacid/quasi erect state....before you apply edoil. Positive reinforcement from you that it is not about his or your sexual release, but about exercise for him to get stronger will result in gradual improvement over time.  Once finished this exercise and his having brought you to an orgasm (REAL, not FAKED) then apply his edoil in the usual manner.

This process will take weeks and in some cases months, but the investment will be VERY pleasurable and as the time flies by it will pay significant dividends!  Over half the men will return to erections they enjoyed in there 20's.  And you will have a more passionate caring and fulfilling lover, who will put you first!


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